What is a Biomagnetic Pair

Biomagnetism - Biomagnetic Pair Therapy is a scientifically sound alternative treatment that  helps restore and maintain physical and mental health and balance.

On 1988 Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran MD, Medical Surgeon, discovered the Biomagnetic Pair BMP.
This vibrational - energy medicine / therapy screens the body for pH unbalances that could be the cause of dysfunctions and symptoms affecting a person's body.
It restores our health by balancing the acidity and alkaline levels of the body when applying medium intensity magnets of opposite polarity to those specific areas.

A Biomagnetic Pair BMP is created when there are 2 specific areas in the body that are energetically connected and resonating with each other. One is positive-acidic the other negative-alkaline.

Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran MD discovered that viruses and fungus have a symbiotic relationship with each other as well as bacteria do with parasites. 
Bacteria and viruses resonate with each other when disease and  illness appears. 
Bacteria and parasites appear in an alkaline environment while viruses and fungus appear in an acidic environment.

It is possible to recover health through medium intensity Biomagnetic fields produced by natural magnets of 1,000 to 15,000 power of attraction (Gauss), applied in pairs to specific parts of the body, this is a Biomagnetic Pair BMP.

We place positive polarity magnet in the positive area and negative on the negative area.
This neutralizes the pH of the area by pushing the charges towards each other thus neutralizing it. 
Cells become healthy and the body starts healing itself, surprisingly fast.
Because of this discovery the Oxford International University from England gave Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran MD, the Doctorate of Philosophy in Bio-energetic Medicine in 1999.

Up to present and with 33 years of practicing Biomagnetism, Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran MD, has identified over 350 pairs that cover most of the glandular dysfunctions, diseases, syndromes and illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, HIV, Covid etc...
In general, common diseases are produced by a single Biomagnetic Pair (BMP).
Complex diseases are the result of association of two or more BMPs.

Dr. Isaac Goiz  Duran MD, has very successfully treated more than 500,000 patients with Biomagnetism and has trained more than 20,000 Medical Doctors and other Health Therapists from many different countries.

The admirable simplicity of this system allows working with powerful but safe magnets of different forms and intensities with which amazing results are obtained.