1st & 2nd Level Biomagnetism & MicrobioEnergetics Trainings in the USA & Ireland 2018

Seminars in Miami, Florida 2018

Biomagnetism Level 1: June 18-22 w/ Moises Goiz

Biomagnetic Neuropsychology: June 24-27 w/ Moises Goiz

NCODE: June 24-25 w/Moises Goiz

Biomagnetism Level 2/ Bioenergetics: June 29- July 2 w/ Moises Goiz

MicrobioEnergetics "The Emotion, Energy and Symbolic Code of Microbes" June 11-15, 2018 w/ Dr. Miguel Ojeda Rios MD

BiomagnetismUSA Seminars information: http://www.USABiomagnetism.com/

MicrobioEnergetics Seminars information: www.MicrobioEnergeticsUSA.com

Email: SeminarsUSA@gmail.com

Seminars in Dublin, Ireland 2018

Biomagnetism Level 1: September 3-7 w/ Moises Goiz

Biomagnetic Neuropsychology: September 10-13 w/ Moises Goiz

NCODE: September 10-11 w/ Moises Goiz

Email: BiomagnetismIreland@gmail.com


For pictures, testimonials and videos from our past Biomagnetism Seminars in the USA,
please go to: Past Biomagnetism USA Seminars

Historic picture for Biomagnetism/ Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

 On September 19th, 2013 Dr Isaac Goiz Duran MD,  signed an agreement to offer a Masters on Medical Biomagnetism at the prestigious University  El Real Centro Universitario Escorial - Maria Cristina in Madrid, Spain.