Biomagnetic Pair Therapy/Biomagnetism in a nutshell!

There is a whole universe going on inside our bodies. 

I  believe that originally all cause of imbalance/illness is emotional/energetic. But there is also a physical effect in the physical body. 

When we get out of balance, pathogens do get in and mess up our insides with the toxins they release. In Medical Biomagnetism we have learned to identify where these pathogens (virus, parasites, bacteria and fungus) live and reproduce. 
They moment they get inside our bodies they go to their "place",(which is specific for each of them) and create what Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran MD, calls a Biomagnetic Pair, which is 2 points in our organism that are energetically connected, this two points resonate with each other, one point goes negative polarity/alkaline the other positive polarity/acidic. 

Virus and fungus live in acidic environment, bacteria and parasite in alkaline. 
By placing magnets of the same polarity on each of these two points, we push the charges towards each other and the area, organs, tissues, cells achieve a Normal Energetic Level, equilibrium is restored to a neutral pH of 7 +- 3, pathogenic Microbes instantly get neutralized when their environment changes to a Normal Energetic Level. 

People treated with Biomagnetism improve dramatically in most cases and they usually get well quite fast. 
Dr Goiz also discovered that virus and fungus have a symbiotic relationship, virus provide the acidic environment for fungus to grow, if we get rid of the virus that provides this, we will help get rid of the fungus, but we can't get rid of the fungus unless we get rid of the virus that is providing the acidic environment. 
Same with bacteria and parasite, as parasite feed on bacteria, so sometimes if we have a very aggressive bacteria and there is a parasite feeding on it, it's keeping the bacteria population under control, so there are no specific symptoms for it, but if we get rid of the parasite without getting rid of the bacteria that it feeds on, the bacteria will start multiplying causing symptoms of their own. 

This is why most times anti-parasites treatments don't work. 

It's really amazing, all these microorganism have intelligence, they change their behavior, adapt depending on their environment, they know how to survive.
This is for me the most amazing discovery in medicine ever.
After 12 years of practicing it, it still blows my mind how fast the body heals once we balance the pH in those areas, with no need for supplements or other therapies, just with a pair of medium intensity magnets.

Biomagnetism sessions are usually between 60-90 minutes. 
Lying down on the massage table, fully clothed, we scan the whole body with the negative polarity for pH imbalances. Once we found one, we look for the corresponding point and we place the magnets by pairs. 
Magnets are left around 20 minutes in order to restore a neutral pH in the areas found. 

It is a non invasive, low cost, safe therapy, with no side effects. 
Most conditions improve or resolved in 1-3 sessions, others may require 3-5 while some chronic or long term conditions may require more than 5.

For patients who live far from my office, I also offer Long Distance Biomagnetism Treatments, which are as effective and successful as in person treatments. I also work on pets and animals with excellent results.  I took the Biomagnetism and Veterinary Training with Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran in 2017.
By Helena Guerrero