Biomagnetism & MicrobioEnergetics Trainings in the USA- Ireland-Australia

Biomagnetism Level 1: November 6-10

Biomagnetism Level 2: November 19-22

NEURO / Biomagnetic Neuropsychology: November 13-16

NCODE - Group Therapy: November 13-14

Trainings in Dublin, Ireland 2019 w/ Moises Goiz

Biomagnetism Level 1: August 19 - 23

Biomagnetism Level 2: August 26-29


Biomagnetism Level 1: February 11-16

MicrobioEnergetics Seminars information:

For pictures, testimonials and videos from our past Biomagnetism Seminars in the USA,
please go to: Past Biomagnetism USA Seminars

Biomagnetism & Bioenergetics: The Medicine of the Future

Interview w/ Dr Isaac Goiz Duran, english subtitles