Why does Biomagnetism work?

We do know by now that our bodies contain magnetite. 
Magnetite crystallize in an tetrahedron form, they get polarize when they oxidase or get reduced and this generates potential differences that produce a magnetic field through which electric current flows. We believe that there are balanced magnetic fields within the human body and we understand now that an energy current exist in our body. 

When there is illness, the magnetic grid breaks and causes an unbalance in those magnetic fields. This obviously causes a change in the electrolyte compound which generates a variation in the direction of the magnetic field, producing a positive or negative polarization in the organ or organs where this biological anomaly occurs and therefore a change of the pH.
Illness occurs when these magnetite get disoriented, and we now understand that when we apply magnets on our body, we can return the magnetite to its original state, so it can achieve again its magnetic order, ferromagnetism.

When we expose the magnetic material, as we do with any other ferrous-ferric particle, to a magnetic field, the crystals- domain- align creating a mono-domain. When the field gets eliminated, the domain remains in its natural state and this is why the energy in our organism gets balanced. The ferrous-ferric grid recovers its polarity and illness vanishes, besides microorganisms in the body are eliminated when we generate a magnetic field in an aqueous medium in which they die. 

Energy flows in our organism in the form of water. The water that exists in the interior of our body is not simple water but crystal liquid, formed by high energetic molecules which arrange this water so it can be the conduit for electromagnetic energy.

The molecules are arranged, transmitting wavelengths and they also have the capability to storage data in the memory. This explains how the brain emits electromagnetic impulses which are being transported through this marvelous energy conductor in order to complete the instructions-orders emitted. This water, crystal liquid (H2O)37, helps establish the equilibrium that it is attained when applying magnets on the body, causing a resonance with the rest of the organism and rearranging the ferrous-ferric grid where needed.

Biomagnetism is a reality and it is supported now by the scientific discoveries of Dra Esther del Rio Serrano, who has established microscopically the link between science and Biomagnetism. 
She has confirmed scientifically the efficiency of this new and wonderful medicine.

This therapy states that illness is a product of alterations produced in the pH of the organism. These alterations allow pathogens to get installed in the body causing dysfunctions.
When the acidity or alkalinity in these specific points are balanced, we are able to eradicate pathogens causing dysfunctions, equilibrium is reestablished in the body and we recover our health.

Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran MD, Dra. Esther del Rio, Chemist and Biologist and Helena Guerrero at the International Boenergetics Training in San Francisco, California 2012