Biomagnetic Pair Therapy tested on 256 patients at hospital in Marbella, Spain


On May 2009, Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran MD, who in 1988 discovered the Biomagnetic Pair, was invited by Dr. Hilu and agreed to test his Biomagnetic Pair theory on over 256 patients at the Hilu Institute in Marbella, Spain.

The Clinic's director Dr. Raymond Hilu MD, with Dr. Santiago de la Rosa MD, tried to be as objective as possible and invited patients from various countries: USA, England, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, India and of course Spain.There were also many MD's invited to observed, among others where Dr.Conte MD, and Dr. Limonti MD, from Italy and Dr. Mary Staggs MD from England.

All patients suffered from very serious health conditions. Blood tests were taken before and after each treatment and the results were just amazing.

" It's an absolute success- says Dr. Hilu - It's just one of the most efficient therapies that I've encountered in all the years I've practice Medicine. The most surprising is it's simplicity. And a big advantage is that it has no side effects. Although sometimes Dr. Goiz's diagnosis differs from the one the patients has been diagnosed with but it does not worry me because, what is important is that the patient improves with this treatment. "
" In more than 80% of cases I found that the blood tests from patients did show the parasites that Dr. Goiz pointed out using the Biomagnetic Pair."

In any case, besides the healing and improvements from patients, what mostly caught Dr. Hilu's attention was the behavior in the blood before and after applying the magnets:

 " Obviously - he said- the majority of the patients that agreed to be part of this study where very sick. And when we examined their blood before being treated by Dr. Goiz, we could see that it was the blood of someone very sick, with extremely bad circulation, with lots of pathogens, all sort of dirt in the blood and abnormal behavior of the defenses regarding the unutilized neutrophils.

But, fifteen minutes after being treated with the magnets I would go and take a look at the blood and I found myself staring at a complete different history. It looked like someone else's blood, nothing to do with the patients one. All the blood abnormalities where corrected. In many cases the neutrophils, which were static before, seem very active now. The living microorganisms, had been expelled. They would keep on moving for a few minutes and died afterwards. 
Besides, when we observed the blood 15 minutes after the treatment, we could see how the cellular oxidation had increased and the circulation improved, excepted for the platelets. And in the cases of Liver Cirrosis , when we analyze the blood under the microscope after placing the magnets on the patients, and this has been a big revelation for me, we observed a lot of a sort of hepatic scars flowing in the blood as an effect from the treatment. I've seen this phenomenon before and that's why I know that they are hepatic excrescences, but I've never seen them so frequent and with such fast results.

What about the pH, which is the basis of Dr. Goiz's theory?
" In one of the tests I use, we could follow the pH of the blood live. We did not see any case of the blood with a tendency to alkalinity in our patients, which seems to be, with the amount of patients we treated, one more sign that the base of illness is an acidic terrain. We did observed blood samples with a pH tendency to acidity and how after being treated by Dr. Goiz the acidity in those blood samples totally disappeared. With no exceptions. Just with the magnets and in 15 minutes."

Astonishing!!! But not as much as the results.

The presence of microorganisms seems to prove right Dr. Goiz's theories, but what is most important is that the results guarantees the use of the Biomagnetic Pair in a very largue list of pathologies..
The study, which includes a long distance follow up of the patients, it's not concluded yet, but Dr. Hilu has already drawn some very clear conclusions of his own.
For example, in Prostate cancer patients, we observed how after the treatments with the magnets the PSA went down in all cases.
The best results we saw where with patients that came diagnosed with Multiple Esclerosis. And all of them, in front of everybody present, left with a very noticeable improvement. Some even came in with very limited mobility, they could hardly stand up to get on the treatment table, and they left walking...
To me, this has been what most impacted me.

A few days after the treatments, we asked the patients to get some tests done under their respective Doctor's supervision, new reports and send it to us.
And according to the ones we already have received the improvements are obvious...

In some other cases, such as cancer, tumors, etc... the healing process will be progressive.

Dr. Raymond Hilu was elated, overjoyed.

Part of the original article has been translated from Spanish by Helena Guerrero.
It was published on Discovery DeSalud a great magazine from Spain on August 2009
I strongly recommend this magazine as the # 1 in Health issues and new treatments.

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