Biomagnetism & MicrobioEnergetics Trainings in the USA- Ireland-Australia

Biomagnetism Level 1: November 6-10

Biomagnetism Level 2: November 19-22

NEURO / Biomagnetic Neuropsychology: November 13-16

NCODE - Group Therapy: November 13-14

Trainings in Dublin, Ireland 2019 w/ Moises Goiz

Biomagnetism Level 1: August 19 - 23

Biomagnetism Level 2: August 26-29


Biomagnetism Level 1: February 11-16

MicrobioEnergetics Seminars information:

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The Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine on Biomagnetism Therapy

The Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine (FAIM) was launched with a mission to identify breakthrough complementary and alternative therapies and to research and report on their effectiveness.
One of the therapy systems that FAIM is investigating is one that uses ordinary magnets to heal.
Although magnets have been used in therapies for a long time, this particular method uses pairs of magnets to neutralize disease-causing pathogens in the body.

This system is known as "the Biomagnetic Pair by Dr. Isaac Goiz." It first caught our attention while doing a site-visit in a public hospital in Ecuador. We later learned that this method, although basically unknown in the U.S., is practiced in many countries, especially in South America. FAIM continued its investigations by interviewing practitioners and patients of this therapy. After much documentation has been reviewed and many cases studied we are nonetheless perplexed. The reason is that the anecdotal evidence is there and the scope of the claims made by the practitioners of this therapy are truly remarkable...
......This year FAIM participated in the Mexico City conference and gathered medical testimonies of people who claimed their lives were saved thanks to Dr. Goiz's method. FAIM also picked up the publication of a research project by Dr. Goiz and Dr. Raymon Hilu in Malaga, Spain...

Read the full FAIM's article on Biomagnetism Therapy: